Fury after real jaguar fur coat appears on clothes site Depop for £300

Depop has pledged to crack down on people selling illegal furs from endangered animals via its site.

Coats made of jaguar and ocelot pelts were among those touted on the fashion app in breach of international laws.

One was being advertised for £750 while a seller wanted £300 for another “in used and great condition”.

Depop – a cross between Instagram and eBay – allows its 26 million users to swap clothes and accessories.

It is popular with celebs like Lily Allen, Katie Price, Georgia Toffolo and Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams.

The RSPCA said Depop could be prosecuted if illegal fur keeps appearing.

David Bowles, the charity’s head of public affairs, added: “It is the same as trying to sell rhino horn and elephant tusk. I’m surprised Depop doesn’t have any vetting process in place.”

But after we alerted Depop to the listings, the company confirmed that the listings had been removed and that action would be taken against the sellers in the event of further breaches.

It comes after police were tipped off about a teen advertising a vintage ocelot coat on the site. The 18-year-old from Chipperfield, Herts, agreed to a community resolution order.

Depop calls itself a “fashion marketplace for the next generation”. Up to 80 per cent of its UK fans are under 26.

Fabian Koenig, Depop’s vice president of trust and safety, said it was “passionate about shaping a fashion system that is kinder to people and kinder to the planet”.

He added: “Advertising any pelt or skin from endangered animals is prohibited on Depop.

“Any users found to be selling these items will have their listing removed immediately, receive a warning and have their account permanently closed if there are further breaches.

“Our trust and safety team use automated and manual screening tools to tackle misuse. We partner accredited organisations to explore new approa-ches to screening and enforcement.”

Offering to sell fur of endangered species is an offence under the 1975 Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species.