Gordon Ramsay baffles fans over portion size of lamb dish in £120-a-head menu

Gordon Ramsay’s lamb dinner divided fans online as some criticised the size of the portion.

When he’s not pranking Starbucks employees or convincing fans he’s turning vegan, Gordon’s proudly promoting the latest dishes he’s serving at one of his restaurants.

The 54-year-old TV chef took to Instagram to share a picture of a lamb dish at his Michelin-starred Petrus restaurant in Knightsbridge, with his 12.1 million followers.

Tagging the eatery in this social media post, he wrote: “Herdwick lamb, morels, wild garlic, young peas, marjoram at @PetrusByGordonRamsay…. simply stunning!!”

But the dish divided opinions. Whilst some fans thought it “looks delicious,” a few fans were unhappy with the portion sizes, as some thought the meal was too small.

One person said: “What is this!? A dinner plate for Ants!”

Another asked: “Where is the rest of it?”

A third joked: “That looks unreal what’s for main course?”

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And: “I’ll come there when I’m on a diet or when I’m not hungry whatsoever,” put the fourth fan.

Whilst someone else said: “Oh dear lord. This is what I’m talking about.”

And: “Oooo that looks amazing,” added another person.

The Mirror has reached out for a comment.

This isn’t the only dish of Gordon’s which has been scrutinised, as fans previously compared his chocolate tofu dessert to a “colostomy bag. “

Gordon took to Facebook to share how his “signature” £10 chocolate tofu is made at his swanky Mayfair restaurant Lucky Cat.

But it didn’t go down well with everyone as its appearance was mocked harshly.